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Meet Jennifer


jennifer bouse

Senior Sales Director


Jennifer Bouse

Senior Sales Director


22 years ago I was an elementary school teacher and coaching volleyball and cheerleading in the high school. My husband and I decided we were ready to start a family and I became pregnant with Makenzie (now 21). Both of us agreed that I would quit teaching to stay at home with our children and so I finished out the year of teaching 4th grade in the Willlard School district. During my last year of teaching, NSD Asenath Brock, now SNSD Emeritus, shared the Mary Kay opportunity with me. I found that I could make some extra money and still be at home with Makenzie. I liked the idea of having some “girl time” and not having to ask Kirk for “fun money”. So I started Mary Kay to only make an extra $50 a week and have some personal time, working only about 5 hours a week. I worked my business consistently, holding 2 skin care classes each week, making more than $50 a week and loving it! It was just what the Dr. ordered. I saw my self-esteem rise, my relationship with God was getting stronger and I had some really great girlfriends who cared about me . . . not to mention the extra money was nice too! Well, 2 years later, working only 5-10 hours each week, I picked up my first earned car in Mary Kay, the red Grand Am. My second daughter Madison (now 19) was born just 2 weeks earlier. Wow! How exciting! Kirk was a little skeptical and wanted to know “what the catch was”. We went to the car dealership and signed my name 2x and drove away with a new car to drive for 2 years with all the license, sales tax and most of the insurance paid!  Kirk was beginning to believe in this opportunity! Just a few months later I became a new Sales Director in June 2000. During the course of the next 5 years, I learned so much . . . mostly money management and discipline! I had accumulated over $200,000. in credit card debt because of mismanaging my money and the anticipation that “next month I would get caught up”! I made bad choices that affected me in all areas of my life! Those years were very challenging both at home and with my business, but I am very thankful for the opportunity that we have of unlimited income potential and that God, my family (especially Kirk) and my friends were willing to work through these mistakes with me! We began chipping away at the debt and I was making better choices and becoming accountable… in December 2007 there were NO MORE credit cards!!  In May 2009 we paid off another loan and became financially free (except our home)! Kirk sold his very successful personal training business (that he had for 15 years) about 11 years ago to seek ministry opportunities, to support our Mary Kay business and do some personal training on the side. Kirk is now a Missionary Outfitter for Cross Trail Outfitters (, where he ministers and disciples boys in their walk with Christ through a hunting and fishing club!  I am very passionate about what this business opportunity can do for women and their families, if and when they are willing to put a little work toward building a future! I love helping women make money and gain more self esteem through positive encouragement, spiritual guidance & business mentoring. Putting our priorities of God first, family second and career third have been so important to our family. I love having the flexible schedule so that I can put my schedule in the order that I choose!  We have earned 11 new cars in Mary Kay (9 of which are the pink Cadillacs), 7 diamond rings and earned an all expense paid trip to Maui, Hawaii 2 times and to Rome, Italy and also used travel vouchers to take a dream vacation for 10 days to Sea World and Disney World as a family!  Wow, it Is so awesome traveling Mary Kay style! Your dreams really can come true in Mary Kay if you are willing to do the work! You can have it all and you deserve it!

My Family

Husband Kirk, Daughters Makenzie 21 and Madison 19
We love to be together as a family and it is an important part of our life!  Both my family and Kirk’s family spend much time together. We attend lots of volleyball and Soccer games and we also love to travel together.  Some of our favorite times together are spent at “the Farm” riding  4-wheelers, going to the creek and walking through the woods. Kirk loves to hunt (of course) and workout. The girls are both collegiate level athletes…Kenzie attends Southwest Baptist University and plays Volleyball and Maddy attends Evangel University and plays Soccer.  They are very involved in their church and ministry opportunities including mission trips, FCAV and kids camps. I love to run and train for 1/2 marathons, traveling with Kirk, hiking, and being with family and friends .  . .  And of course, my Mary Kay family is some of my favorite people to be with! 

Kirk is part of a ministry called CTO (Cross Trail Outfitters). The motto for CTO is “Building Men, Preserving our Heritage and Sharing our Faith” . CTO is a locally-based Christian youth hunting and fishing club. They pass along the great American outdoors heritage while teaching valuable lessons about life, manhood and faith. They offer year-round hunting and fishing skills training, community service, friendships, fellowship and more. 

We spend lots of time at the girl’s sporting activities, and being an athlete myself, I know that develops discipline, healthy living and fun times.   We have a great time traveling as a family to each event and the girls love the friends they have made, setting goals for themselves and having a sense of “accomplishment” when they work hard and complete their goal. Kenzie is in leadership with FCA, has traveled to Thailand with Athletes in Action in 2017 and went to CA during the summer of 2018 to internship with FCAV, she is passionate about Christ and sports and loves to combine them to share Christ with others teach volleyball skills to young girls. I have a new grand dog, Charlie Belle, that Kenzie got for her 21st birthday, it definitely keeps her busy!  Maddy has a passion for missions! She has traveled to Haiti on her first Mission trip and sponsors a boy each month to give him food and school supplies. She works at her church as the Children’s coordinator, a leader in bible study and volunteers doing various things each week! I am so very proud of my daughters! They are godly young ladies that work hard, treat others with respect and kindness and still love to hang out with mom and dad!! I hope you can see that I love my life and I’m truly living the dream life!